Midnight Nosh in concert December 12th! with Special Guest Sarah Metzger



December 12th 9PM

Trend Coffeehouse @ 411 Bloomfield Avenue. Montclair NJ

We love Trend Coffeehouse – check out their delicious menu

No cover charge but there is a 7$ minimum for food or beverages.

Trend is BYOB. 7$ corking fee.

Show starts at 9PM! Here’s a little more about our opening act:

Sarah Metzger is an acoustic singer/songwriter who wears glasses and is consequently compared to other artists with glasses. Move aside Lisa Loeb… *there’s a new sheriff in town… with poor eyesight.
Sarah writes songs about shattered dreams, vampire bats, and Stephen Colbert. She also covers popular artists like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Timberlake, and due to her skinny jeans and hipster glasses, people assume she’s being ironic. She is not.

*Note: Sarah Metzger is not actually a sheriff, and there’s no evidence to support the idea that Lisa Loeb was a sheriff.

Check her out!

FRIENDS FROM NYC: From NYC take NJ Transit Train to Bay Street, walk towards gas station and continue going up Bloomfield for 7 minutes. It’s less than a 10 minute walk and you can stop along the way for a drink at the Pig & Prince!


Midnight Nosh profiled in the Forverts

The Forverts – also known as the Yiddish Daily Forward – started in 1897 as a newspaper devoted to the cause of workers. At the time, millions of immigrants in New York worked in sweatshops in unsafe conditions. The Forverts became a voice for their plight and helped champion better conditions for all workers. The newspaper’s Yiddish readership is smaller than it once was but it is still going strong. We were thrilled to be profiled in the Arts and Culture section. Here’s a translated excerpt from the piece:

“Other groups have published American songs in Yiddish in genres as diverse as jazz, rock, rap and even country. Now we can add punk to the list…and the singer sings very good in Yiddish and the translation is a success.”

Thank you Forverts!